Soul Euphoric Meditations

GRATITUDE with 808s #1© Ocean waves & Binaural delta #afrofuturism #gratitude #chillhop
42 Affirmations Meditation of Ancient Wisdom #ancestralguidance, #afrofuturism, #affirmations
Ancestor Meditation #afrofuturism #gratitude #binauralbeatsmeditation

Soul Euphoric, formerly a music label from my early days as a musician/producer/beat maker, is now a YouTube channel that is focused on creating musical meditations that are an accessible resource of well being in my community.

My work exists at the intersection of painting, activism, spirituality, and storytelling. I have an interdisciplinary approach to creating art. 

I began meditating after Hurricane Katrina. Meditation helped me with some deep depression. Many years later my adult son Joseph  came to live with me from Atlanta. When he first arrived in New Orleans he was diagnosed with bipolar, and was in a very bad mental state. In an effort to help improve his mental state, along with regulating diet and medication, I encouraged him to meditate daily. Meditation helped me, and I thought it could help him. Over time I saw him begin to change. He became a much happier and more outgoing, clear headed version of himself. His brain literally changed slowly over time. I attribute some of his improvement to his daily gratitude meditation practice.

I began to think about the state of African Americans and the state of humanity. I think about the collective traumas that we share. I think about how algorithms and Artificial Intelligence are shaping our minds. I started thinking about making meditation more accessible and also about engineering thoughts that lead to well being for young and old. I have maintained a small music studio where I create music for much of my video work. I collaborated with Neesa L Johnson, a celebrated traditional African healer, certified hypnotherapist and experienced meditator. Neesa is also extremely knowledgeable about neuroscience and the science of meditation and a Neuro Linguistic programming practitioner. After multiple conversations about ideas on how to decolonize our minds and improve our community, I felt led to explore this YouTube Channel as a component of my artistic creative practice. This piece uses meditation and music as a stimulus to shift minds and enrich the soul.

The drum has always been a catalyst for deep trance states in many indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions. Soul Euphoric curates and creates musical experiences from our cultural musical triggers, and rewires them to be attached to positive nurturing thoughts. This work explores how sugar has shaped, imprinted, soothed, addicted, exploited minds. In this work I utilize a modern and ancient tool to recapture, liberate, decolonize and free the mind through music and meditation. 

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