Imagine A Just System

“Imagine a Just System” 2018,Maryan Henderson-Uloho ,wrongfully incarcerated 12 years
“Imagine a Just System” Dehumanization ,2018
“Imagine a Just System” series #2 “13 years”
“Imagine a Just System” series #2 “Do The Right Thing”

“Imagine a Just System” 2018, is a documentary style series of video clips. In collaboration with the New Orleans Advocate, and Blue House Civic Studio, and Andrew Wade Smith. This work uses social and mainstream media as a tool to inform and create conscious awareness related to inequity of the prison system, particularly in Louisiana. Through art ,story telling , and PSA style video clips, we hope to create a space of empathy that transcends identity politics through the personal stories of the formerly incarcerated. Through the personal accounts you can see the consequences of decades of “tough on crime” polices have lead to some of the highest incarceration rates in the world. These videos were designed as a stimulus for the Nov 6 elections campaign to vote YES on #2 unanimous verdicts legislation in Louisiana and to spark a larger conversation about prison reform nation wide. Imagine learning more about an issue through personal testimony and factual experience, then anyone can immediately began to operate from a broader perspective. A seed is sown for future change. It is imperative that we collectively understand that change is possible, because only working together can we create real tangible changes for a better society. The injustice and dehumanization of our fellow citizens effects us all , because the more you know about the specific tools of injustice, you can begin to imagine the dehumanizing effects of the current system. Understanding and connecting with the individual story, anyone is able to see that these are our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and friends, deserving of dignity and respect. Sooner or later the rise in the level of awareness about conviction, sentencing and bias will help us to change it to a system that is truly just!